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Course pic 2 Sept 1, 2013

For more information on membership, please contact:


Mindy Grimmett

Direct: 916-768-0114 Main Office: 916-967-5717

Proprietary Membership

A full golf membership that allows the designated proprietary member, spouse and children under the age of 21 full golf and clubhouse privileges as set forth in the club rules. Proprietary members have voting rights in accordance with the bylaws, can serve on numerous committees, and if elected, the Board of Directors.


Young Adult Membership

Members between the ages of 21 and 40 are eligible for this membership class. Full privileges are provided and the young adult membership fees are transferable to a full membership upon reaching the age of 40.


Social Membership

A social membership is non-proprietary and allows you, your spouse and all children under the age of 21 to full clubhouse, social and limited golfing privileges. Practice facilities are available prior to your scheduled tee time.